Review Video Blogger Story Lets Become Video Blogger

Video Blogger Story is a simulation game about how to become a v-blog or better known as a YouTuber.
This game is almost similar to Youtubers life which came out earlier, you can see the review HERE.

Video Blogger Story has a very minimalistic appearance armed with 2D graphics, making this game light to play on low-end PCs.

lots of options for customizing characters in Video Blogger Story, and all of them are free, we can freely make faces we like.

The game is almost similar to Youtubers Life, but the difference is that you don’t only make videos from the video games you play, there are also other options such as reviewing video games or making prank videos.

Apart from that, you are also required to choose an accent or accent which in the end can become our trademark. There are several choices of accents, such as humor, speech, horror or attractions.

After the accent, another important thing that is interesting from Video Blogger Story is Emotion, which is the emotion when we review the game, we can choose emotions of joy, pleasure, anger, disappointment, or fear.

There is also a Video Blogger Ranking, where the more famous your channel or the number of subscribers you are, the more your ranking will increase.

There are various choices of video games that you can play, ranging from arcade, sandbox, rpg, action, moba, strategy, or simulator genres. also using the original name.

Apart from the many choices of games that can be purchased, we can also upgrade our computers for our video editing purposes, there are many options that we can upgrade, such as computers, monitors, keyboards, to the video and sound software.

Please see the video preview on YouTube

Features in Video Blogger Story

  • Interesting Simulation Game
  • Create Yourself or your favorite Blogger
  • many characteristics to choose from
  • Impressive Graphics
  • a large selection of video game genres

Minimum requirements System

  • Windows 7 (tested on windows 7 64bit)
  • Core 2 duos
  • Ram 2gb
  • HDD 250mb

Prons (+)

  • the many choices of characteristics in Video Blogger Story keep us constantly exploring what kind of YouTubers we want to be, for example wanting to be humorous but grumpy, or smart but talkative, keeping us from getting bored to explore existing characteristics.
  • Specifications that are not so high make this game can be enjoyed by many people.
  • The existence of a ranking makes us continue to play this game to be number 1

Cons (-)

  • Game graphics are still 2D, still inferior to other similar games.
  • Sometimes we get bored quickly because the activities in the game are just that

SCORE 7/10

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