PewDiePie was kicked out of his place because of the screams that disturbed his neighbours

Shocking news comes from the YouTube superstar who is famous for his signature screams when playing or reviewing a video game that is exactly PewDiePie, apparently his neighbors don’t really appreciate his work or talent at all. PewDiePie said he was kicked out of the apartment he used as a recording studio which he used for the purposes of making or recording videos for Youtube. At first the incident occurred, the neighbor was disturbed by PewDiePie’s voice which sounded very loud and clear.

As seen in the video at around 1:30 seconds \ above, his neighbor was so fed up with PewDiePie, he came to his place to “chew” PewDiePie out while the Swedish YouTuber was shooting the video. In the recording, you can hear an angry man swearing at PewDiePie, the neighbor even cursed and shouted at PewDiePie with faggots (Homo).

The following is PewDiePie’s clarification of the incident

Shortly thereafter, PewDiePie said he received a formal eviction notice from the landlord, which apparently required him to move out of his current position on the 29th of this month (June). In the video, you can see that PewDiePie has started to pack his things in boxes in preparation for leaving the apartment, but he’s not really happy about how things are going.

” If you’re going to be a landlord in Brighton , the gay capital of the UK , maybe try not to be a bitch “, PewDiePie also joked, ” I can buy this house , I don’t need you either.” PewDiePie claimed that he was right -actually got the voice of a written complaint after the notice of eviction, which if true, this is such a funny type of letter, given the language they speak.

Fortunately, PewDiePie already has another office , where he predicts “a lot of interesting content will be created here .” Hopefully, in this new place, PewDiePie can scream all he wants without disturbing other people. ”

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