Dead Rising 4 will be a Timed Exclusive and will not rule out the possibility of being released for Steam and PS4

</p> <p>Dead Rising 4 Will Be Timed Exclusive And Does Not Rule Out The Possibility Of Being Released For Steam And PS4 – Pro Gamer News<br />

QRevealed at E3 2023, one of Microsoft’s big announcements was the return of Frank West in Dead Rising 4, which Also has been confirmed by Microsoft that this game title will be Timed Exclusive for Microsoft platforms on At the moment. During E3 2023, Microsoft confirmed in a statement to GameSpot that Dead Rising 4 will Timed Exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10 , during its initial release, while also confirming that earlier rumor Dead Rising 4 is coming in December. Specifically, Microsoft confirmed that Dead Rising 4 “will remain a Windows 10 exclusive for the first 90 days and a console exclusive on Xbox One for one year,” so it’s clear that apart from PC and Xbox One, Dead Rising 4 will also potentially appear on other platforms, such as Steam And PS4. Microsoft also explained in a statement that “we have had a close and longstanding relationship with Capcom including the launch of Dead Rising as an Xbox 360 exclusive and Dead Rising 3 as an Xbox One exclusive,” adding that “we are pleased to partner with Capcom once again to help bring this vision to life.” their ambition for Dead Rising 4 to live.” Dead Rising 4 will release for Xbox One and PC December 2023.

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