Dead Rising 4 Confirmed Present For Xbox One And PC

Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver officially announced Dead Rising 4 for Xbox One and PC during Microsoft’s E3 2023 press conference.

The following is an explanation of the game

Frank has just returned to Willemate, Colorado, 16 years after the events of Dead Rising. A mysterious plague has flooded the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town with deadly predators, and Frank soon realizes what’s really going on

Frank seeks to uncover the truth behind the plague, encountering new foes, such as the shape-shifting zombified , and possessing superior speed and ferocity. These zombies can also evolve into zombies with superior strength and mobility that mimic the behavior of predatory hunting animals.

Some of the great features from Dead Rising are returning, including the ability to combine hundreds of weapons and vehicles to battle hordes of zombies. Frank also gains access to the EXO Suits, giving him superhuman strength and incredible firepower, as well as the ability to tear through objects and use them as weapons.

Capcom also provides something new in Dead Rising 4, which is a Multiplayer mode where you can play together to complete missions or destroy zombies at Willemate, or you can also take part in Quick Match mode to join players around the world.

Please see the trailer provided by Capcom below

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