God Of War Reboot Will Embrace the RPG System

IGN officially conducted an interview with Cory Barlog, game creative director of the latest God of war game, and conducted a preview after receiving the extended video from yesterday’s E3 video.

Even though you can fully control Kratos throughout the game, you will also be able to passively control his son, and the status of the two characters can grow and develop like an RPG game. There is one button dedicated to Kratos’ child, which will change depending on the context. his cub will become an active participant in battles, traversal, exploration, in solving puzzles. In yesterday’s E3 demo, Kratos was seen teaching his son how to use a bow and hunt, which became second nature to him through play. God Of War will also be presented as a game without distractions such as loading screens, slow motion cinematics, or fading to black (death). the story will also be completely 1. As for the camera view, unlike previous God of War games, God Of War shows the world from Kratos’ shoulder. The camera was previously static, but can now be controlled using the right analog. The world of God of War is full of hidden paths, secret corners and collectibles to discover. During the demo shown by IGN, Kratos walked off the standard path and found a number of crafting materials, armors, and statues.
Cory said, God of War has a bigger and more in-depth RPG system, which will be discussed further in the game later. While the demo shown on stage was the emotional in-character build-up between Kratos and his son in the game, moments of bombast from the previous game would also still be present, however Sony chose not to focus on that during the E3 demo due to that given that they didn’t want to surprise the user with something unexpected.

This game is about Kratos teaching his son how to become a god, and his son teaching Kratos how to become human again

said director Cory Barlog. God of War is a game developed for the PlayStation 4.

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