The secret team and the Evil genius Change Roster

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Many surprising things happened during the Dota 2 Manila majors event
such as the fall of 2 giant teams Evil Genius and also Team Secret, this made the team owners re-plan to face The International 2023 which will be held soon.
like the news of the departure of “Universe” from the secret team and returning to Evil genius.
According to Secret’s co-owner, Mister Kemal Sadikoglu, Saahil ‘Universe’ Arora decided to “leave” Team Secret to return to Evil Genius. However, EG has yet to officially announce this.

source gosugamer

Meanwhile Team Secret has announced that EG ex coach Kanisha “Bulba” Sosale has officially filled the Offlaner position for Team Secret which also replaces “Universe”, which means that according to valve rules, even if Team Secret wins the Shanghai Major, they will not get a direct invite. to The International 2023 and was required to take part in the open qualifiers due to violating the valve rosters lock rule where the Secret team changed the team’s rooster prematurely.

Team Secret Current roster

As for Team Evil Genius, things are getting complicated, with no official announcement from the NA organization, this Universe’s return is said to be just a rumour, along with many scenarios circulating on social media. Many have speculated Aui_2000 in “kick” once again from the team, some say Zai will enter as the main team after previously only as “Substitute roles“, only time will tell what EG will decide. But the most certain now is the TI6 Direct Invite for Evil Genius teams. Valve rules say that once a team changes roosters after March 27, each team becomes ineligible for enter via regional or direct invite.Bulla leaving the team instead of being a replacement or main team would instead put the reigning champions in jeopardy, Even more so, if Universe were indeed to return to the team in the blue jersey then it was clear that EG would have to fight for their place in the The International 6 of the open qualifiers.

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