Injustice 2 Leaked – news for pro gamers

</p> <p>Injustice 2 Leaked – news for pro gamers<br />

A retail poster for Injustice 2 is making its rounds on the internet these days. Here’s a tweet with a poster from the user Twitter CollapseControl The poster was sent to Game Informer and Polygon by tipsters someone who works at retailer GameStop. my city also follow up with retail sources themselves to confirm the legitimacy of the poster. seen Batman and Flash, dreluctantly tagline, “Every Battle Defines You”.

Mortal Kombat creator and NetherRealms Studios founder Ed Boon has teased gamers on Twitter since the initial rumors of a sequel last week. He changed the Twitter icon to a roman numeral two, and the banner to drum-roll. Ia book a list of party invitees with picture Crossed out GameStop.

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