Pokemon Sun And Moon introduces Legendary Pokemon And New Features

Nintendo has released a new informational video for its Pokemon Sun and Moon games, introducing legendary Pokemon, the new Alola region, and new features like the QR scanner and Rotom Pokedex.
please see detailed information below.

legendary Pokemon


  • Category: Sunne Pokemon
  • Heights: 11′02″
  • Weight: 507.1 lbs.
  • Type: Psychic/Steel
  • Ability: Full Metal Body

Since ancient times, Solgaleo has been venerated as a messenger from the sun. It is referred to respectfully as the “beast that eats the sun.” Solgaleo’s body stores great energy, and glows with light when that energy is active. Solgaleo has a face with an uncanny resemblance to the sun. His special skill is Sunsteel Strike, an attack equal to the power of a meteor , ignoring the target’s Abilities . Solgaleo’s other ability is Full Metal body, a new ability that didn’t exist in previous Pokemon. With a Full Metal Body Ability, Pokemon stats will not be lowered by the effects of the opponent’s moves or skills.


  • Category: Moone Pokemon
  • Height: 13′01″
  • Weight: 264.6 lbs.
  • Type: Psychic/Ghost
  • Ability: Shadow Shield
  • Since ancient times, Lunala has been revered as the messenger of the moon. It is referred to respectfully as ” the beast that summons the moon . ” Lunala is constantly absorbing light and converting it into energy . With its wings spread to absorb the surrounding light and glittering like a crescent moon, it resembled a beautiful night sky. her special skill is Moongeist Beam Lunala releases a beam of light that ignores the target’s Ability. Lunala’s other ability is Shadow Shield, a new ability that doesn’t exist in the previous Pokemon series. With Shadow Shield Ability, Pokemon will get half of the opponent’s attack when HP is in full condition

    New Regions

    Alola Region

    new adventures in Pokemon Sun and Moon will take place on the tropical islands of the Alola region ! The Alola region centers around four islands rich in natural beauty and man-made islands. Many Pokemon that have never been seen before occupy these islands.

    Hero and Heroine

    You will choose to be the (male) or (female) hero in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and you you can name it as you like. The story begins right after the characters have moved to the Alola area. It didn’t take long to arrive Alola your adventures started to unfoldAnd you will meet a lot of people, and Pokemon.

    Professor Kukui

    Professor Kukui is the reliable Pokemon professor in this Alola region. He lives near your house. She is passionate about Pokemon research and sometimes takes direct samples of Pokemon when there is something to be learned from them. A white lab coat draped casually over her naked body, she has her own unique style.

    QR Scanners

    Meet new Pokemon by using Qr Scanner

    In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there is a QR Scanner function that allows you to view information about a Pokemon when you scan a QR Code pattern. With QR Scanner, you scan in a QR Code and check the information about the Pokemon that corresponds to that QR Code. There are QR Code patterns in various places around you, so try checking them out.

    Register your Pokemon in the Pokedex

    By scanning a special QR Code pattern you can register Pokemon from the Alola region for your Pokedex and find out where they live. If you scan in a QR Code for a Pokemon that you haven’t caught, you can check its habitat and search for it.

    Sharing QRs

    You can display QR Code patterns for Pokemon you have caught in your own Pokedex. If you and your friend show each other QR patterns for Pokemon you’ve caught, you can both register Pokemon in the Pokedex.

    Rottom Pokedex

    The Pokedex is an easy-to-use tool to record information about your Pokemon, view and catch Pokemon during adventures. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, your character receives a special Pokedex from Professor Kukui to support you on your journey. This is known as the Rotom Pokedex. The Rotom Pokedex shows your current location and next destination, and also gives suggestions on where you should go next, based on your conversations with other people! This may be helpful for many parts of your adventure. The Rotom Pokedex is a very rare device. There are only a few coaches who have this tool, even in the Alola region.

    Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out for the 3DS on November 18 in North America and November 23 in Europe.

    Nintendo also announced that it will provide more details at E3 later
    please see the latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon

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