Akiba Beat Will Be Released in Japan This Fall

Akiba beat has just been announced by the Acquire developer, and is currently only about 75% complete.

Akiba Beat will be releasing for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this fall in Japan.

The following information can be obtained from Esuteru


Director: Kohta Takano (Of Divine gate )

Theme Song: ClariS


The game is set in HD quality, realistically set in Akihabara. The protagonist and his friends are trapped in a delusional world, where “the day keeps repeating itself.”


  • Asahi Tachibana (Protagonist) 19 years old who came to Tokyo to study at college. He couldn’t find any reason to study and eventually dropped out after 1 year. after that he lived the NEET life.
  • Saki Hoshino – An 18 year old girl who moved to Akihabara to attend vocational school. Dia Pin-kun worked together to destroy the “illusion world” and protect peace since before he met Asahi.
  • Pin-kun – the one who works together with Saki..
  • Riyu Momose – A 14 year old idol based in Akihabara.
  • Yamato Hongo – 16 years old. He tries to act cool but doesn’t realize everyone thinks he’s cute. Everyone seems to end up falling apart with him.

Dungeons and Battles Dungeons

The dungeon that acts as the embodiment of the delusional world is the stage for battle, and battle begins by touching the enemy’s symbol. By wearing special headphones for Asahi and friends, the battle mode changes and combat abilities can be greatly improved.

Currently, Akiba Beat is almost finished at around 75%.

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