World of final fantasy Features Heroes,villains,And Summons

Square Enix has released new information and screenshots from World of Final Fantasy, introducing a new group of characters, a new legendary character in the form of Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, and more. which you can see below.


Dark Knight Brandires
A king who has great power and commands the Bahamut Army. He plans to invade every country so that all of the Grymoire are under his control.

As a staff officer of the Bahamut Army, he and the Brendires together entangle Grymoire into a maelstrom of chaos. Has a talent for devising clever strategies.

Masked Woman
A masked woman, accompanied by Carbuncle, throws out words that appear to be advice to players, but whether she is an enemy or an ally shrouded in mystery remains unknown.

Enemy Army

Bahamut Soldier
A soldier belonging to the Army led by Brendires. They control Mirages and invade foreign countries.

Character Legend

A pure magician who studies black magic. As a black mage, he protects certain places.

Saver Summons

Yuna: “Sending”
Yuna dances sending prayers to the otherworld – has abilities such as restoring party HP.

Cloud: “Omnislash”
Cloud moves so fast that he seems invisible, dealing a lot of damage to enemies but with low defense. In addition, Cloud can increase the strength of physical attacks on the party.

Warrior of Light: “Oversoul”
Using the power of the warrior of light, gives the enemy a single physical damage but ignores defense. In addition, it increases the physical defense power of the party.

Lightning: “Gestalt Drive”
Has lightning-like movement, dealing single physical damage to the enemy but ignoring defense. Besides that, it increases the physical attack power of the party.

Mirages (summons)


Undead Princesses


World of Final fantasy for ps vita and playstation 4 in 2023.

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