Overkill has full patent rights on payday and plans to abolish the Microtransaction System

</p> <p>Overkill Owns full patent on payday and plans to abolish the Microtransaction System – news for pro gamers<br />

Back in 2012, Payday 2 developer Overkill partnered with publisher 505 Games. The partnership was formed with the aim of helping the studio launch Payday 2 for consoles, as well as PC.
Today, developer Overkill has announced that they now own full rights to the Payday franchise and are planning to remove microtransactions (purchases of items and so on in real money) from the game completely, following the huge backlash by players that occurred last year. Today’s announcement also reveals that Overkill plans to bring more content and patches to Payday, for the next 18 months, through late 2023. Skill tree The game will also be revamped as part of a new update, which will be out on Thursday.
In addition to this, Overkill staff Almir, Joakim, Hampus, and Jules will be hosting an AMA on Reddit this Friday, from 4AM-6AM EST. The developers will explain in detail the skills and changes on black market coming with updates . The studio also released a small teaser for E3 , which you can check out below .

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