Dota 2 Arrivals Dlc Vulkan

Vulkan is a big interesting thing, it can make the games you run faster without having to buy the latest vga.
Vulkan, is the open-source successor to OpenGL, an alternative to Microsoft DirectX. For now, Vulkan will make games run faster and look better on existing PCs. Below is a brief explanation of what Vulkan is, adapted from rockpapershotgun

– Vulkan is an open source replacement for Microsoft DirectX on PCs
– is the successor of OpenGL
– Built from AMD’s Mantle API
– like DirectX 12, which is able to make games run faster
– Free without being charged
– supports AMD graphics cards, at least Radeon HD 7000 series and Nvidia GeForce 600 series or the latest graphics cards
– You have to update the VGA driver to the newest one first
– able to make Valve’s SteamOS a run on a gaming platform

Below is a direct explanation of valve

Minimum requirements:
– Windows 7/8/10 64-bit: NVIDIA 600-series+ (365.19+ driver), AMD 7700+ (Crimson driver)
– Linux 64-bit: NVIDIA 600-series+ (364.16+ driver), AMD GCN 1.2 (16.20.3 driver)
– 2GB of GPU memory required – may experience crashes with < 2GB of GPU memory.

  • The first time you play with Vulkan, you may experience a temporary shuttering, due to the shader cache engine on disk running . After playing or watching a match for a while, the shuttering will disappear.
  • There is a problem that on Linux os with NVIDIA GPU it is tearing even when vertical sync is enabled. NVIDIA is aware of this issue and it will be fixed as soon as possible via a driver update.

For those who want to know more about the details of what is a volcano, please go directly to the website

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