Round Tofu Occupies Top Chart Number 2 Under Clash of Clans

</p> <p>Round Tofu Occupies Top Chart Number 2 Under Clash of Clans – news for pro gamers<br />

Round tofu is fried impromptu, in the past this sound was often heard on the sides of the road, but now, the game developed by the developer asal indonesia, The Own Games, now bbe in position secondly, right under the game Clash of Clans.Clash of Clans

This game is made by a local developer have gameplay to press your smartphone screen as fast as possible. The faster the gamer presses the smartphone screen, the more buyers and user coins will come will be more increase.

Coin what you have can used to upgrade several items, such as increasing the price of tofu, increasing the average purchase of tofu and accelerating the arrival of buyers.

every upgrade has different coin prices. in game,

The Tahu Bulat game can be downloaded for free on Google Play with an Android operating system of at least version 2.3 or version newer ones. The game has a file size of sapprox 12MB to download it you can visit link below.

Round Tofu on Google Play

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