Dota 2 Battle Pass For The International 2023 Is Here

Battle Pass The international 2023 is here. With exclusive features, this PBattle Pass celebrates the journey through International Seasons, allowing battle pass owners to perform game Quests, Token Stakes to double points, and a series of Community Challenges, all while leveling up your battle pass over time and earn rewards to unlock a treasure trove of digital items. . With myriad initial bundles of items and Immortal Treasures to unlock , many Level Rewards to earn , and two different terrains to explore , the prize gallery is almost endless .
As in previous years, 25% of all sales will go directly to The International 2023 prize pool.

Below is a bundle that can be directly obtained by the owner of The international 2023 Battle pass

1.Initial Bundle contains the Immortal set

.2.Seasonal Terrain to change the map theme

3.In-game item effects

How come vroh is ready to stay up all night to raise the battle pass again??

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