Doom Easter Egg From Skyrim And Fallout, (Spoiler Alert)

DOOM just released worldwide yesterday, and those who got their hands on a copy of the game have been busy finding some Easter Eggs cool , which you can find below .(careful with spoilers) ,

One of Easter Eggs the best so far is this is Terminator 2 Easter Eggs , which is triggered if you kill yourself by jumping into the lava . Thanks to YouTube user Grizwords, you can take a look below.

Next there Easter Eggs from the Skyrim game, if you see the helmet that is used, of course we are immediately familiar.

And, of course, DOOM wouldn’t be complete without the vault provided by Fallout Vault – tech


Then there is a switch in the Doom game where we can return to the original game first, the screen shot is obtained from Vg247

How Vroh Easter Eggs which one do you think is the coolest, if I myself chose the easter egg back to the original game.


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