Youtubers Life Feel the sensation of being a YouTuber through video games

</p> <p>Youtubers Life Feel the sensation of being a YouTuber Through Video Games – news for pro gamers<br />

YouTubers Life is one of the game titles currently struggling on Steam Greenlit.
YouTube Life is a simulation game where you have to take care of your character: eat, sleep, study, work, etc. while you try to become a successful YouTuber with a very large audience to eventually create and manage your own video company network.
Youtuber itself is a new phenomenon that is currently booming, millions of people are trying to become successful video makers, by playing YouTubers life you can stop being just an observer and try to become YouTubers.

Game features

  • Customize your character
  • Youtube channel selection : Gaming , Cooking , Music and many more !
  • Edit videos
  • Make money with your videos
  • Manage your production studio
  • Hang out with your friends, go to parties and help with industrial activities
  • Look for love interests
  • Answers for fans on social networks
  • Create your own creator network
  • Moving to a new house, office or even a mansion
  • Decorate your place

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