Sega is Thinking of Making Shenmue I and II Remastered

Sega is “investigating” how to make Shenmue and Shenmue II HD remasters a reality, Sega Central’s new video just made. Answers fan questions about whether two remasters of Shenmue I and II could happen.
Sega community manager And Sheridan responded in the video: “With regards to Shenmue I and II HD, of course we would love to release it tomorrow, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as porting the game to today’s platforms as we know we need to ensure that every HD remaster lives with game-like quality.” original.
And with games as immersive as Shenmue I and II, there’s a further complication of the licensed product that went into the original game. we’d love to do that and are currently investigating how to make that happen.

the newest title in the series, Shenmue III, is expected to release on PlayStation 4 and PC in December 2023. Watch the video Sega Central brings it.

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