Battlefield 1 Gameplay Details – news for pro gamers

</p> <p>Battlefield 1 Gameplay Details – news for pro gamers<br />

Battlefield 1 will return to the era of World War 1, but that’s all the information that many gamers know, fortunately a Jackfrags YouTuber attended Ea’s presentation in London and released a video discussing gameplay which is actually still closed to the general public.

You can see the video below, and there are several recaps of the contents of the video

  • Multiplayer will include forests from the Argonne, desert maps set in Africa or the Middle East, Alps in Italy and French Villages.

  • Several classes such as assault, medic, and scout

  • The Assault class carries sub machine guns, shotguns, and also anti-tank grenades

  • Medic brought a medkit and also semi automatic rifles

  • Support brings a light machine gun, provides ammo, and also carries repair kits for vehicles

  • Scout is a sniper and can carry a rifle with an optic on the side

  • there is dynamite that can be triggered with a plunger

  • Short-range weapons include swords, bayonets, shovels and these weapons have different characteristics

  • The takedown animation is very fast

  • There are several tanks such as Mark IV ,Renault FT-17 ,A7V Sturmpanzerwagen

  • some tanks can carry an army of 5 men

  • Tanks have different characteristics depending on weapons and speed

  • There are several customizations for weapons

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