Review of Final Fantasy IX Remaster

Final Fantasy IX has just released its remastered series on PC, in my opinion the choice of Final Fantasy IX as the remastered version is very appropriate, because Final Fantasy IX is one of the truly “fantasy” final fantasy series starting from the environmental design, the open world map, there are many races other than humans such as moggles, Black Magicians, Toads etc., as well as scripts for conversations between characters that are nice to follow because sometimes they feel funny, sad, fun and romantic to follow like in the video below where the princess garnet (the main heroine) ) asked Zidane (the main hero) to be willing to kidnap himself, even though even before being asked to kidnap Zidane had planned to kidnap Garnet with his 1st teammate, and the ridiculous Zidane who incidentally was a playboy looked nervous when Garnet held his hand.

For gamers in the 90s, we will be invited to reminisce with scenes of Zidane who is a playboy, Garnet who wants to save his country, Vivi who wants to find her identity, Quina who is sent by her father to travel the world, and other characters who are all unique and have different backgrounds. own story.


*High Definition Graphics

*Really cool background music and soundtrack

*cheat features are provided for players who only pursue the storyline

*Dialogue between players and npc that feels very fun to follow


*high definition graphics only apply to characters, while the surrounding environment graphics still look blurry
*because the cheat is provided, we are lazy to grind

In my opinion, Final Fantasy IX remaster should be rewarded with a score of 9/10, because memories never change, we are really invited to reminisce with old games but with a fresh look to keep up with the times.

How is vroh ready for an adventure with Zidane and friends.

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