IeSPA Speaks Up About Blocking Video Games And Dota 2

</p> <p>IeSPA Speaks Up About Video Game Blocking And Dota 2 – news for pro gamers<br />

JAKARTA – Discourse of blocking 15 games which are considered to contain violent content continues to generate controversy. Some argue, this step needs to be studied more deeply.

This was revealed by the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Electronic Sports Association (IeSPA), Eddy Lim. According to him, the criteria for selecting the 15 games were not clear. He said, the game “World of Warcraft” does not promote violence.

“In the game World of Warcraft, players play heroes who attack enemies using magic. Even if there is violence, it is limited to the use of weapons, and even then it is not very clear,” he said.

As is known, the game World of Warcraft or better known as Dota is a game that is quite popular among Indonesian teenagers, even this online multiplayer type game has its own competition.

But he agreed if the game “Grand Theft Auto” was included in the list. According to him, the game clearly displays violence against law enforcement and promotes criminal acts.

For information, IeSPA is a forum for a community of Indonesian gamers who are interested in developing e-Sports to be recognized by the government. IeSPA is the only community in the field of e-sports that is recognized and protected by the government.

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