Uncharted 4:thieft Ends Shows Control Scheme,Taunts mods,weapon Mods

Naught Dog as the creator of the game Uncharted 4: Thieft Ends has just released a video about the features in this video game, such as several alternative controller schemes to choose from, item customization (also Chloe and Edy Raja in multiplayer mode), taunt, dance, weapon customization , weapon mods, and mods for sidekick.

Below are the features that can be enjoyed in Uncharted 4:Thiefts ends

  • Implemented Split Screen mode for multiplayer mode, and added a number of obstacles to be completed as a team
  • The team is considering adding a treasure set
  • The team is currently exploring different modes, it could be that one of them will return to classic mode
  • The hero’s weapon (which has 2 mods to install) cannot be purchased for real money now
  • The team is looking to expand the settings for custom play
  • You can see the control scheme for the single player campaign mode in the video below

Please see the video and screenshots below

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