list of World Destroying Organizations (Part 1)

1.The assassins

Appeared in the 12th century, in Syria. Led by Hasan bin Sabah, after being declared heretical by Shiite clerics they built a palace in the Alamut Valley area to shut themselves in and create a new civilization with the motto “no prohibitions, all halal”. This group killed people under the pretext of jihad, including among the Muslims themselves.
“And whoever kills a believer on purpose, then the reward will be Hell, he will remain in it forever and Allah will be angry with him, and curse him and prepare a great punishment for him. O you who believe, when you go out (to fight) in the way of Allah, then be careful and do not say to the person greeting you: “You are not a believer” (then you kill him), with the intention of seeking the treasures of life in the world, for with Allah there is great wealth. So was your condition before, then Allah bestowed His favor upon you, so do your research. Surely Allah is All-Knowing of what you do” (An Nisaa: 93-94)


Is a hotel name in Oosterbeek, Netherlands. Because its members held their first meeting there. They include more than 100 members of the world’s elite politicians (international bosses, financial experts, political leaders, including Prince Charles, the American Rockefellers, the European Rothschilds). every year this gang holds meetings for 4 days in a secret location around the United States or Europe. The press is prohibited from covering or publicizing the meeting. Editor-in-chief of the New York Times, Los Angles Times, TV networks and The Washington Post are also members or guests. The influence of this conspiracy is very strong; they determine political policies on both sides of the Atlantic (European Union, Rome Agreement, Euro Currency, end of cold war, NAFTA, Brady Plan).
Like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) with which it partners, the Bilderbergers also aim to form a central government or one world control. They ensnare developing countries with International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans. This trap is their way of destroying the world economic order. Their goal is that third world countries (developing countries) are paralyzed and totally dependent on them.
Every year the core members of Bilderbergers “cast their nets” to localize new ambitious people to join after attending the meeting. The new faces are those who were given “promising” strategic political positions but were soon dismissed when they were no longer needed (Bill Clinton, Douglas Wilder, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan).


Formed in 1872. At first it was a men’s only drinking club. Its founders were five journalists from San Francisco. Now its members are Republican Party officials, directors of large companies, global financial experts and CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies, as well as former Presidents and presidential officials of the United States starting from Herbert Hoover, Ricard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, William F. Buckley Jr., Frank Borman, Justin Dart, William Randolph Hearst, Jr., Caspar Weinberger, Charles Powell, Henry Kisingger and Newt Gingrich.
The meeting was held in the 27,000 acre Boheiman Grove, Monte Rio, about 70 miles north of San Francisco. The agenda he talked about was steps to anticipate the dangers of multiculturalism, Afro-Centrism and the loss of family boundaries. They attach great importance to the ruling elite’s colonies so that they always exist to determine and enforce values ​​or authority to control “unqualified” world society.
The rulers’ feast began after they circled the bonfire and the net together (white tradition). The most famous news is barbaric ceremonies and immoral practices; about the participants who break common sense and practice prostitution. A reporter (Alex Jones) mentioned that he had recorded a “supernatural ritual” in the Bohemian event, namely worshiping a giant stone statue of the Great Owl of Bohemia]


Aurelio Pecci was an Italian industrialist who founded the Club of Rome in 1968. Backed by the ruling elite, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They are eager to spread the most complicated and crucial problems for humans. Their trap is an offer to solve the problems of people around the world (developing countries) who are teetering due to the pull of globalization.
The Roma Club published a book entitled The Limits to Growth (1972) which presented the results of research that the earth’s natural resources were depleting, then they assumed it was a negative result of the rapid growth of the world’s population. The Club of Rome created a weapon of mass destruction by spreading the AIDS virus. This opinion was supported by several informed sources that AIDS is a man-made virus that was deliberately bred by the Roman club through the world’s elite rulers, namely the CIA and the Bilderbergers network. The targets are the black race, Hispanics and homosexuals. The AIDS breeding project is named MK-NAOMI. The African continent was infected with the AIDS virus through the smallpox vaccine in 1977, the US population was infected in 1978 through the Hepatitis B vaccine at the Center for Disease Control and the New York Blood Bank.
The important evidence that people who research AIDS have found is that the virus was purposely created are the research logs; AIDS Progress Report 1971. This indication informs coordinated steps through more than 20,000 scientific papers and research documents carried out over 15 years by the Federal Program to breed viruses identical to the AIDS epidemic. Documentation published by the Freedom of Information Act demonstrates the barbaric facts that unwanted people have been subjected to experiments by the United States for more than 70 years. In the 1930s, United States soldiers and patients in civilian hospitals were used as guinea pigs for a series of programs that required the experiment. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study found 200 black people with syphilis were left exposed to the disease without being told the effects of the disease and receiving no treatment.


In 1917 in New York, President Woodrow Wilson gathered about 100 important people to discuss post-war peace. In that meeting, Wilson drew up the idea of ​​14 pieces of subjective resolution of the investigation which was then read out before the US congress in January 1918. Congress responded with a program of economic solutions between nations, free trade and the formation of an organization of nations (which later led to the formation of the League of Nations). Wilson’s subjective point became the cornerstone of the Versailles treaty convention. The contents of the agreement were that Germany was obliged to pay for all losses due to World War I.
Wilson’s peace plan was rejected by the US Senate because it endangered supernational (international) Organizations. Due to this, Colonel House and the ambassadors of the British and US peace conferences re-colonized in Paris (May 1919), it was there that the Institute of International Affairs pact was formed. In England it is known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in the US it was founded on June 21, 1921 under the name The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
CFR headquarters in Harold Prat House, New York City. The donor was Prat Rockefeller’s Standard Oil company. CFR originally consisted of 1600 increased to 3300 people through the selection of admissions members (control of finance, politics, information-communication and academic curriculum). The CFR not only controls the CIA but also has the power to control the US State Department. Originally CFR’s funders were rogue bankers and millionaires, including Morgan, Rockefeller and Otto Khan. Currently the CFR is getting funding from the Department of State in several countries and large corporations; including Xerox, General Motors, Texaco and The Rockefeller Brother Fund. CFR is like the Bilderbergers twins only CFR is less secretive.
In February 1941 the CFR succeeded in taking control of the US Department of State by forming the Division of Special Research, whose members consisted of scientists, the aim of which was to master security research, weapons of war, economics and politics. CFR was also the midwife for the birth of the Marshall Plan and NATO during President Truman’s era.


Various serious studies about the secret combination that has been done, the results are conical to Freemasonry. Perhaps the most appropriate explanation about Freemasonry is that they emerged and developed along with British colonization in various parts of the world. It could be said that Freemasonry began to appear around 1717, when four groups in England first colonized to form Great Britain.
Now more than 6 million masonic members of the 100,000 largest cabals worldwide. Joseph Ford Newton, minister of dioceses and Freemasonry authority, described Freemasonry as a religion, not a church. Freemasonry is worship. Freemasonry establishes metaphysical beliefs not from the Bible but from the Kabbalah; mystical and magical book written in Hebrew in medieval times. Believing in the Almighty or the Great Architect of the Universe is the main requirement for becoming a member of Freemasonry, it doesn’t matter who the power is, even Satan can be qualified.
There are three basic strata of members. The lowest strata is the Blue Lodge for new members, which is further divided into three strata; Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. Next is the York rite which is divided into ten strata. Furthermore, the Scottish Rite which has 32 ritual stages. Masonics who pass through all the stages will reach stage 33, the highest stratum. Anyone who can reach stage 33 can join the Shriners (people who have high strata). The next stratum cannot be known by the public, because it is highly confidential.
It is an undeniable fact that more than half of the Founding Fathers of the United States (one of them George Washington) were members of Freemasonry. The founder of the United States of America hid two symbols of Freemasonry in the heart of the US government, including the one dollar currency. Since the last 40 years, Freemasonry members who are intertwined in a great secret brotherhood have always violated the law and have been involved in various dirty and bloody scandals, massive untraceable corruption, and also the murder case of the millionaire donor from Italy Roberto Calvi.

there are a total of 21 organizations, if there is time it will be updated later

Source: Secret societies book

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