Sengoku Otome:Legends Battle For Playstation Vita

Shiregumi new media will bring the Sengoku otome game to PlayStation Vita in an action game format called Sengoku otome: Legend battle. Sengoku otome itself was originally a pachinko which began to be made in 2008, and is now a mainstay franchise for the company with the expansion of Sengoku otome for various media such as anime, android applications and comics. Sengoku otome tells the story of the Sengoku historical period in Japan but the characters are depicted as women.
Sengoku otome:Legends battle will later have gameplay open field tag team battle action game where you will be able to run around and do action. Story mode will contain 46 chapters with high anime quality, as well as 23 characters who already have voice actors.
Ps vita introduces 3 new military in Sengoku Otome:Legends battle

Maeda Toshiie (voiced by Kana Asumi)
Hideaki Kobayakawa (voiced by Maaya Uchida)

Sen no Rikyu (voiced by Yui Horie)

See also the Gameplay and Opening Trailer below

Source Famitsu

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