Evil Genius drops to the Dota 2 WePlay Series 3 Low Bracket

#Dota 2 We Play Tournament Series 3

After Elite Wolves took over Upper Bracket A, we were surprised by the vega squadron that managed to defeat the 2 strongest candidates for the Dota 2 Weplay Series championship, team EG and MVP Phoenix.
Evil genius must make a new strategy if you still want to win this tournament.
Evil genius will Meet with Team spirit in the lower bracket, many people are looking forward to their comeback “summailstorm spirit by emergence patches 6.87 which was recently launched by valve.

Starting April 29, the tournament will be held on a big stage, namely at the international exhibition center in Kiev, Ukraine. And many fans hope that the stage will be filled with many people to see 4 teams fighting for victory, namely Na’vi and Vega Squadron filling the Upper bracket while Team Spirit and Empire fills the low bracket.


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Latest Update Dota2 6.87

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