Copy of Uncharted 4 Game Hacked In United Kingdom

According to confession Boss Sony Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida, there has been a theft of a copy of the game Uncharted 4: A thieft end, it’s possible that the game was stolen while in transit in the United Kingdom.
However, Sony is currently working with the police to investigate the theft of copies of the Uncharted game, which are now spread across the United Kingdom.

Shuhei Yoshida himself made this announcement in order to prevent Uncharted video game lovers from being exposed to spoilers which will later spread on the internet before the release date comes out, which is May 10, 2023, and also to stop people from buying stolen copies of the game.
Shuhei Yoshida also said that he would really protect people from the threat of spoilers that would later disrupt the gamer’s experience playing Uncharted 4.“The talented team at naughty Dog have worked hard on this game, of course we will work hard to make sure spoilers don’t spread everywhere before May 10th”.

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