12 teams that received direct invites to the 2023 Manila majors


The Manila Majors are counting the days, Valve has announced 12 teams that will receive direct invites to compete in the Manila Majors, the 12 teams are

1.Team Secret

2. Team Liquid

3Team Evil geniuses

4. Mvp

5. Wings

6. Vici gaming

7. Fnatic


9. Complexity

10. Alliance

11. Natus Vincere

12. LGD


Meanwhile, there are still 4 more slots left for teams that will compete in the Manila Majors which will be taken from America, China, Europe, and Sea qualifiers. Meanwhile, from the 4 regional qualifiers, there are still 2 slots per qualifier to compete for slots in the qualifiers. will then compete in the Manila Majors

Vroh – Which team does Vroh have, everyone has the same chance of winning.

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