Wings gaming The new Champion of Esl Manila 2023

Wings won their first lan tournament beating Liquid 3-0.

Wings Gaming have been playing together for about a year and have won nothing so far. This is also the second LAN they have entered, being the previous WCA, where their feat earned against Team Secret.
This team started in 2014 and their initial formation was overhauled after The International 2015 passed. and there has been no reformation until now. Their team chemistry is strong and their style of play is aggressive and pushes early in the game.

Game 1

In game 1, the start looked so good for the wings team, Wings managed to get first blood from vengeful, then managed to kill 2 of Liquid’s heroes even though they had to lose Batrider, and also the bounty hunter managed to kill Liquid’s courir in mid.
Even though they dominate at the start of the game, Wings is still not in a hurry while farming for the Phantom Lancer.
In the 20th minute there was a war between the two teams, starting with the batride who succeeded in “kidnapping” Enigma and ending with the loss of 2 of their heroes. In the 22nd minute there was an exchange of tier 3 towers for wings on bots and Liquid on top, but Phantom Lancer from the wings team succeeded in botting and killed the nature prophet and beast master from the liquid team. In the 29th minute there was a war at roshpit with the advantage of the Wings team being able to kill 3 heroes and only losing 1 hero. In the 32nd minute the wings team managed to dominate the game while doing a push tower so finally in the 39th minute the Liquid team shouted ‘GG’ and the first round was over.

Game 2

A good start for the Liquid team by getting the first blood from Wings, in the 11th minute a war broke out with the killing of enigma and earth spirit from the Liquid team and Bane from the Wings team, Phantom Lancer had time to chase the beast master until it passed the tier 1 tower from the Wings team but \help coming soon from eartsheaker and sunstrike from invoker make phantom lancer have to die.
There was a war in the 19th minute around Liquid’s mid tier 2 tower with a balanced condition with the loss of 3 heroes.
In the 20th minute and above, Wings still continued to dominate the game as well as push, in the 29th minute Wings did a split push against Liquid’s barracks, but Liquid managed to defend so they didn’t lose their barracks.
At 40 minutes Wings managed to enter Liquid’s bot barrack which was the last barrack as well as killing several heroes so Liquid’s team had to shout ‘GG one more time.

Game 3

The game was fierce at the start of the game, the battle for runes on the bots made Bounty hunters from Wings and Darkseer from Liquid die, without the slightest pause the war occurred again midway but this time the ones who lost heroes were Doom and Witch doctor from the Liquid team, score 1-3 .
The Wings team played very aggressively at the start of the game with a snowball from tusk, but they had to be willing to lose Alchemist, Tusk and Bounty hunters simultaneously in the 3rd minute.
Team Liquid played a bit cautiously by doing a combination of ulti doom and specter to make the score superior for the Liquid team. Until 29 minutes Liquid made a mistake after they did a “Dive” in the tier 3 tower belonging to Wings only to kill Tusk, but they must be willing to lose Doom, OD, Witch doctor, as well as gems after the incident.
Wings almost dominated every war in game 3, so Liquid had to give up and shout ‘GG’ at 42 minutes

Vroh vroh can see the highlights of the match in the video below.

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