The secret team made a comeback and met the empire once again

Team Secret showed off their new roster by beating EHOME 2-0 very quickly and easily.
after being defeated by the previous Empire team, the secret team was looking for a way to make a comeback, and finally after forming a new roster they met ehome in the low bracket Group B, the losers will be eliminated from esl manila 2023 while the winner will advance to the next round and meet the team Empire.

Game 1
The start of the game started with a fast gank from the secret team in the mid, the first blood from the invoker, not long after that the Ehome team immediately took a gank in the mid to kill the invoker. Both teams looked ready to rotate the map and share gold. Ehome destroyed the bot tower secret, but suddenly they lost their tower,. The Ehome team looked confused and messy in carrying out their strategy after that incident, unable to do a good team fight, the secret team then pushed on the tier 2 bot tower then continued on the mid tier 2 tower.
The pressure from the secret team to the ehome team made the secret team do a ‘G’G before 25 minutes with a ratio of 20 thousand gold.

games 2
Great start to the game from the Ehome team by getting both runes and also firstblood early in the game.
Game 2 started rather slowly, the secret team immediately rushed to the mid tier 1 ehome tower and managed to kill most of the ehome team, the score was 11-6 for the secret team.
18 minutes passed, suddenly they met each other near the roshpit, without further ado the secret team managed to wipe the ehome team all the heroes were killed, without any casualties from the secret side, 32 minutes passed and the secret team did ‘GG’.
The secret team once again managed to beat the ehome team and has the right to advance to the next round to meet the empire team once again.

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