Cool Dark soul III with gta camera perspective

Ever wondered what would happen if a Dark soul 3 game featured the same camera perspective as a Grand Theft Auto game?
YouTuber Kappamari has managed to take advantage of a glitch where the game camera uses a bird’s eye perspective, and the end result looks very good, have a look at the video below

The glitch itself was successfully accomplished by heading to Pope Sulyvahn’s bonfire, then jumping down to the lower passage. What happens is the camera stays at a higher point and doesn’t pan down with the character, which creates a grand theft dark soul view point.
.Is this bug still unknown? from the developer from software, contained, yesterday’s patch notes to update “Performance Adjustments for greatswords.” whether this weapon is buffed or nerfed the player will not know until you play and start swinging a sword.
As a note, the dark soul 3 game is a game with fastest selling from the Bandai Namco company for the Americas.

How’s vroh, where have you been playing Dark Soul 3? I hope the vroh2 stick won’t be slammed because of the stress of playing Dark Soul 3

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