Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark force will be released July 26 and 29 in North America and Europe

One of the great RPGs that gamers who own the Playstation 4 Console are waiting for will be released soon
The report from publisher Idea Factory International announced that Fair Fencer F: Advent Dark Force will be released on July 26 in North America and July 29 in Europe.

Pre-orders can be made now via amazon, EB Canada, gamestop for North America and games, amazon UK,And shopto for the European region

here is the opening of the movie Fairy Fencer F: Advent dark Force

about fairy fencer F

Long ago, a war broke out between the god Vile and the Goddess. A fierce battle ensued, both of them were equally strong. Finally, both sides released special weapons which contained fairies imbued with their powers. Using this power, each sealed god went into another world. And, as time passed, the Weapons of the Goddess and the god Vile left were called Furies, and the warriors who wielded them were called Fencers. Rumor has it that the Furies are so strong, whoever gathers them all will be granted one wish. As a result , Fencers fight each other relentlessly to get them . By chance, a young man named Fang happens to unwittingly become a Fencer, and saves a girl named Tiara. And he is also a Fencer. From that day on, Fang finds himself an important part of the battle between the Goddess and Lord Vile.

From In the snippet of the story above, it seems that the fairy fencer f:advent dark forces is still related to the previous fairy fencer.

features in the game fairy fencer F:advent Dark force

  • Three Stories, three Paths ! In three playable stories – Goddess story, ville god story, and Evil Goddess story. friends become enemies , enemies become friends , and , based on your choices , there are multiple multiple endings !
  • Three Ways to Fight and Fairize ! Play in Easy, Normal, or Hard mode and switch difficulty whenever you want to balance the game to your playstyle!
  • Three Crowd , with a party of 6 players ! With up to six party members on the battlefield at the same time, you can play as all your favorite Fencers!
  • Shape the World Around You ! Customize weapons by combining them with fairies and change dungeon stats through world-shaping. Even power over Fencers through the fairies’ power to transform, or fairize, during battle and change your world!

One of the games that must be waited for by vroh rpg connoisseurs

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