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What’s that rat??

yes, rats or rats, this term appears because this strategy is similar to rats, which likes to grind or criticize, so in this strategy, 1 person is in charge of pushing 1 of the 3 lanes and repaying as many towers as possible while 4 other people are in charge of distracting the enemy or team fight or survive, here are some heroes that are often used to rat
some heroes who like to use in the RAT strategy


with blink skills and also fast growth, anti-mage is suitable for rat towers and enemy creeps, especially if you already have a battle fury, it will feel fast in killing your opponent’s creeps

*nature prophets

using the nature call skill to gnaw towers and also in combination with perfect teleportation skills it is nature prophet’s job to carry out the rat strategy equipped with a desolator so it will feel fast in destroying towers/buildings it takes patience and team cohesiveness in surviving the onslaught of rat nature prophet


Yeah Meepo with an account of 4 cloned heroes will find it easy to grind towers and combine with 2 poof skills to harass creeps and summon Meepo’s clones themselves Meepo’s task will feel easier to live rat doto


Lycan is one of the best doto 2 rats with the help of skill 1, namely summoning 2 wolves and also adding howl and feral impulse skills making lycan and its units stronger in destroying opponent towers


Clinks is also one of several heroes that is often used in the rat strategy
using strafing skills to increase attack speed and also searing arrows to increase damage which also affects towers and buildings making clinks suitable to be one of the best rat doto strategies

Meanwhile, the team that often uses this strategy is the alliance with the bulldog admiral using the nature prophet and lone druid

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