Apex Legends Guide – Get to Know the Ranked League

Ranked League is the new competitive mode on Apex Legends Season 2 presented in the form of a ranking. This mode will test skills you to continue to get the top ranking until you reach the highest ranking, Apex Predators.

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Respawn Entertainment as developers special dedicate Ranked League to the players who play Apex Legends in a long time as form rewards. Every time you reach a certain rank at the end of the season, you will get a prize in the form of skins, emotes, bannersand others.

Matchmaking in Ranked League also set players to get opponents with skills the same one. But to note, you will not always play against players of the same rank. For example, a Silver ranked player may still compete with a Gold ranked player.

If you prefer to be a type player support or never get kill above 10? No need to worry because in Ranked Leagueall players deserve rewards the same one. Especially if your team becomes Champions because winning is everything in Apex Games.

Then, how to work from Ranked League This? Check out the following guide below!

Seasons just indicates rolling Series

Series is the designation for duration seasons during the competition. When seasons ends then series for competitive mode will be in-reset so you will start ranking from the beginning at seasons next. You will get rewards according to the last rank.

Noteworthy, Ranked League it requires level 10 or higher to join. When you play with your friends, matchmaking will find opponents according to the players who have the highest ranking in lobby. But rewards for each player will be adjusted to their respective rankings.

Ranking as a determinant of levels

Ranked Leagues has six types of ranking: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, And Apex Predators. All rankings except Apex Predators has four levels; Gold IV, Gold III, Gold IIAnd Gold I. Gold I will be the top level in the ranking gold.

All players will start from Bronze IV. To increase the level or ranking, you must collect a certain score. Currently, there is no demotion system for ranking sections. For example, you have reached the ranking Platinum in levels Platinum IVyou will not be downgraded to gold when you lose.

However, this demotion system applies per level. For example, from Gold Iyou lose several times so you will be down GoldII.

Each match will become more difficult as you have higher levels. So, get ready!

How the system works Score Ranking Points

Rank Points (RP) is the points earned while playing Ranked League. These points are awarded to players after they have successfully completed a few goals certain.

List ranking point

action RP Rewarded
Kill 1
Place Top 10 2
Top 5 Places 4
Top 3 Places 7
Champion 12

During the match, the maximum RP you get for a kill is 5RP. Each score is unique. For example, if you get the Top 5, you won’t get 6RP for the Top 10 and Top 5. The maximum score you can get per match is 17RP.

RP required per rank

rank RP Required
Bronze None
Silver 120
gold 280
Platinum 480
Diamonds 720
Apex Predators 1,000

You will go up to the next level according to the amount of RP you get. Every level above Bronze will be locked by the number of RP that must be equipped.

RP used to play games

rank RP Match Entry Cost
Bronze Free
Silver 1
gold 2
Platinum 3
Diamonds 4
Apex Predators 5

Rewards And penalties

at the end of the season, Apex Legends will reward players in the form of badges or badges based on the ranking or level they have completed. Apex Legends now it will also be tighter with players who have the ability to leave before the game ends. This penalty will prevent players from joining matches from 5 minutes to one week.

List rewards per rank

rank Rewards
Bronze – Badges
Silver – Badges
gold -Badge
– Weapon Cosmetics
Platinum -Badge
– Weapon Cosmetics
Diamonds -Badge
– Weapon Cosmetics
– Dive Trails
Apex Predators – Badges
– Weapon Cosmetics
– Dive Trails

Similar to Elite, there will be loss forgiveness. This system will eliminate potential RP losses for a match. For example, you play with status Diamonds and ended up in last position but only had two killyou will get -2 RP (-4 for cost Diamonds+2 to kills for a total of -2 ).

However, with loss forgiveness, RP will return to 0. This only applies if you completely lose RP in the match. If you have five kill And loss forgiveness, the RP you get is still +1. You will also be given loss forgiveness when teammates leave the game and technical errors.

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