Resident Evil 2 Remake Gets Some Interesting Mods

Play games on PC is one of the right decisions for people who want to spill their creativity. Because playing games on a PC can make gamers get a new atmosphere against games which they play through mods.

Yes, the mod is unique because of what’s inside games can be changed in this way. For example, adding characters in Grand Theft Auto or graphic enhancements that are in Skyrim.

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This time the modders are targeting one games Capcom, which received extraordinary attention in 2023, namely Resident Evil 2 Remake. Not only one, there are several interesting mods that can later be used gamers try on games the.

Here’s the review.

Character Faces Get Weird

This mod sets the scene in Resident Evil 2 Remake to be much more sinister. The mod maker named DPO23 created a strange mod where the faces of the characters look quite ugly like aliens. Maybe those who need a more tense atmosphere or need a new atmosphere can try this mod.

AngleCamera old school

Those of you who miss camera angle old from Resident Evil 2 game but if you want smooth and up-to-date graphics, maybe you can try this mod. By using mods camera angle This, gamers can feel the sensation Resident Evil 2 classic but with smooth graphics.

Luckily, this mod doesn’t reduce the tension and the horrible feeling that this game has Resident Evil 2 Remake can still be felt though camera angle used is camera angle old school

Play with Different Characters

One mod that is quite unique namely gamers can play with different characters. In the main story, gamers played more as Leon S Kennedy. But with the mod, you can play Leon’s part in the main story replaced by Ada Wong.

Of course this gives freedom to gamers about which character they want to use later.

Chris Redfield

One interesting mod to try is the Chris Redfield mod. A modder found the files Resident Evil 2 regarding Chris Redfield so that in the end this one mod is very possible to make. Resident Evil 2 Remake claimed to include the same model as Resident Evil 7 about Chris’s form.

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