5 Reasons to Subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online

Like its predecessors Playstation Plus and Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch also has a premium service called Nintendo Switch Online. By subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online, you will get exclusive features. Anything anyway feature?

1. Online Multiplayer

online nintendo switch online gimbotYou can play right away multiplayer in a manner on line after subscribing to the Nintendo Switch Online service, one example of a game that utilizes this service is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

2. Access Nintendo Classic Games

gimbot online multiplayer nintendo switch

At the start of the launch of Nintendo Switch Online, you can play 20 classic Nintendo games, which of course are familiar to fans retro gamers. For example, Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda.

For a complete list, see here.

3. Special Offers

special offers nintendo switch online gimbot

Later there will be special offers only for customers. For example, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can purchase controllers special edition, Nintendo Entertainment System. This offer is limited to one account per transaction Lol..

4. Data storage online cloud

save cloud data nintendo switch online gimbot

You can store and access game data that you play wherever and whenever you want. With this service you no longer need to be afraid of losing save file if something bad happens to your Nintendo Switch. (God forbid yes..)

5. Nintendo Switch Online App

gimbot online nintendo switch app

Nintendo has a special application for Nintendo Switch users, you can use this application for additional features in several games, for example in Splatoon 2 you can use the voice chat feature, leaderboards, special items, and others.

But unfortunately at the time of writing this article, the Nintendo Switch Online application was not yet available in Indonesia. Let’s look forward to it.

For me personally, the feature that I use the most is save data cloudremembering is very easy to overwrite save file on Nintendo Switch games, for example The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I highly recommend that Nintendo Switch players subscribe to this service, because you will get the service and experience of playing Nintendo Switch to the fullest. Satisfaction guaranteed!

[image source : www.nintendo.com]

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