5 Funniest and Weirdest Skyrim Mods Ever!

One of the mods in Skyrim, Saiyan Race

Skyrim is one of the games that can be considered very legendary. Even though it is one of the old school games, it still has a lot of fans.

More so much Skyrim mods circulating and making Skyrim more fun to play.

Skyrim mods you can search and download it on a site called Nexusmods. This site contains millions mods Skyrim from which to make your character badass finish! It’s even really funny!

Well this time we will discuss mods Skyrim which will probably make you say “What the..?!!!” while laughing at being so hilarious and inclined absurd. Anything at all mods the? Come on check it out!

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1. Thomas Train, the World Eater

skyrim mods

Skyrim begins with a story dragonborn who was caught by the Imperial race and when it was about to be executed, came Thomas the Train from the sky and make a mess of places where dragonborn is at.

Wait, shouldn’t it be Alduin? Yepwith mods Today you will see Alduin the dragon who is the main antagonist in the game changing into Thomas a train which became one of the animated children’s films.

If you usually hear bursts of fire or fus ro already from the dragon. This time you will hear fus ro already but with the sound of a train. Pretty interesting right?

Oh yes, not only Alduin will turn into a train, but all the dragons in Skyrim will become trains.

Download Mod Thomas – Nexusmods.

2. Fus Ro Dah! But Through Fart

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Fus ro already is one of the powers possessed by the dragons and also a dragonborn. That is a strength shouts which can make anyone hit by the wave be thrown far away.

Shout these are expelled through the mouth of the dragon or dragonborn through his mouth. Well with mods this, you will see shouts which is issued not from the mouth that is above the front, but through the “mouth” which is behind.

Well interesting isn’t it, so the farts that are released won’t be in vain. Because what is released is a magic fart that makes people thrown because of it.

Download Mod Animating Shout Farting – Nexusmods.

3.Macho Dragons

skyrim mods

Maybe some don’t know who Randy Savage is. Wellyou can googling who is Randy Savage, for sure he is a professional wrestler from the United States.

So, have you ever imagined a professional wrestler becoming a dragon character in Skyrim? You can try right away mods This.

Download Macho Dragons – Nexusmods.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog Dragonborn

skyrim mods

Play Skyrim but as Sonic, why not? With mods In this case, you will play Sonic as the character you become dragonborn in Skyrim.

Advantages of using mods In this case, you will use Sonic as a character that you can play. It’s just the lack of mods Here you will find Sonic who is not “ordinary”, can’t run fast and is strange.

Better don’t try it if you don’t like it!

5. Crimes against Nature & Skyrim

skyrim mods

If you want all the chaos in one mods, then you can use mods This. You will find various “criminalism” inside mods This.

You can play a variety of very “interesting” races, of course Sonic’s race is included as mentioned above.

Don’t worry, you won’t be weird alone. Cause with mods this can also change the NPC according to what you want.

So you can make a planet Nirn (the planet where Skyrim is) with full of “magic”. Oh yes, you are also not prohibited from using all of them mods this simultaneously.

Download Mod Crimes Against Nature – Nexusmods.

Download Mod Crimes Against Skyrim – Nexusmods.

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