Swinging Steering, Here’s the List of Brands that Support Esport Teams!

Esport seems to have become its own modern industry. Lots of games esports also led to the emergence of many different teams esports.

Don’t miss it, team esports This is also a promising business. It can be proven from the many big companies that are starting to try to “dive” themselves into the industry esports This.

So, what companies are trying to get into it? esport? Let’s see!

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1. KFC

esports team

Recently, a company that has the motto “master chicken” has started to open a new unit that focuses on esports. KFC forms a unit in the form of a team esports which will later compete under the name KFC Gaming.

KFC Gaming was first announced via their own Twitter with the same name.

For now, KFC Gaming looks to be focusing on the game Fortnite Battle Royale which is also popular worldwide. There has been no statement that KFC Gaming will enter other games, but it could be in the future.

2. Indomie

esports team

Maybe we only know that Indomie has an extraordinary taste for instant noodles. It turns out that Indomie also has one esports inside it.

Unlike KFC Gaming which created a team, Indomie is more about sponsoring an esports competition in Australia called the Australian Esport League.

Maybe you are wondering why Indomie doesn’t support esports in Indonesia? There is no official statement from Indomie regarding this matter.

It’s just that maybe Indomie does have its own marketing strategy, especially for their instant noodle brand in Australia!

3. Gojek

This current application, it turns out, is very up-to-date. The proof is that Gojek also supports the team esports by sponsoring two teams esports, namely Rex Regum Qeon and EVOS Esports.

Rex Regum Qeon and EVOS Esports themselves are teams that focus on games Dota 2 And Mobile Legends and includes two strong teams in Indonesia.

4. Fiesta Black Tea

esports team

For brands these tend to be quite unique. Fiesta Black Tea, a brands packaged tea drinks produced by PT. Indonesian Mas Lion.

Fiesta Black Tea supports esports by creating a social media account on Twitter and Instagram, and always providing various information esports. Fiesta Black Tea also often sponsors and organizes events esports.

5. Kratingdaeng

esports team

Now this energy drink is also very supportive esports. Kratingdaeng created an event unit with the title IEC, an abbreviation of Indonesia Esports Championship.

IEC itself is a tournament or competition where various esports players can meet professional teams of Mobile Legends and PUBG players. In this session each visitor can share experiences and ask questions to each other.

There are also Exhibition Games where every visitor can try playing games, then there are community gatherings and events Door Prize. The last IEC was held in September 2023 for this year.

6. Telkomsel

esports team

Telkomsel apparently also supports esports, through one of their units called Dunia Games. Exactly with IEC, Dunia Games made a unit events which has the header IGC (Indonesia Games Championship).

Similar to IEC, IGC has several sessions where visitors can meet professional teams, game exhibitions, cosplay competitions and of course tournaments esports.

Besides Mobile Legendsvarious games esports also contested here, such as AOV, Dota 2 even LINE Let’s Get Rich.


esports team

AXIS secretly supports it esports also through cooperation with the company esports amateur from England, Ultimo Hombre for organizing events esports in Indonesia.

The cooperation includes an implementation plan events the first of the “Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League” series in Indonesia, which targets gamers of all ages. This event took place on 10-11 August 2023, at The Hall, Senayan City, Jakarta.

So that’s a variety brands who support the team esports. From this increasingly shows that the industry esports quite promising in the world, including Indonesia!

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