Reforged to be Released, What’s the Difference from the Old Version?

Blizzard recently held BlizzCon, where Blizzard conducts seminars on all the games that will be released by Blizzard. One of the interesting things about Blizzard will be releasing Warcraft III: Reforged, that is, a version remakes from Warcraft III.

Warcraft III is one franchises which was quite popular in its day. Warcraft III is one of the genre games Real Time Strategy (RTS). In this game, you can play 4 races, namely the human race, orcs, undead And dark elves.

What’s interesting about this game is that you can play not only casual strategy games, where you do mining, to collect resources like gold And wood to build a base and form an army to attack.

Warcraft III gives you the opportunity to be creative by making custom map. From custom map also a popular game of the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Defense of the Ancient (DOTA) was born in the world.

It seems that Warcraft III is still considered to be widely played by gamers. Seen from many custom maps Warcraft III that appeared on one of the sites custom map, namely Epicwar.

How is it different from the old version of Warcraft III?

Blizzard will release Warcraft III: Reforged complete with version expansion packshis is Warcraft III: Frozen Throne in one game.

Then what’s the difference with the old version of Warcraft III? Warcraft III: Reforged will provide a much better graphical appearance than the old version. You will get a graphic display like the game Dragon Age, but in the strategy genre.

Interestingly, Blizzard also promises to provide gameplay different in Campaigns. Like expansion folderbetter animations and so on.

For those of you who prefer the old version of Warcraft III, you don’t need to worry. Even though the players are old, they can still play online multiplayer with Warcraft III: Reforged with the old taste!

Blizzard hopes Warcraft III will also be one of the games esports like Starcraft II which also often becomes one of the events esports.

It’s a shame that Warcraft III doesn’t have a graphical display as good as Starcraft II, which is probably quite out of date now.

We’ll see later whether Warcraft III: Reforged will become one of the games that fans have been waiting for the most gamers.

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