Why are people mad at Diablo: Immortal?

Diablo: Immortal, a game in the Diablo series that will be released on mobile platforms This was also announced at Blizzcon yesterday. The funny thing is, somehow the audience, gamers, fans of Blizzard are outraged by the announcement of Diablo: Immortal. How come?

Diablo: Immortal is one of the Diablo series that will be released in mobile, both Android and iOS. Like the rest of the Diablo series, Diablo: Immortal is genre based ActionRPG. Diablo is synonymous with the feel of an RPG like an MMORPG. It’s not strange if this game will be an MMORPG genre game!

Unfortunately, this Immortal version was not welcomed by Diablo fans. Immortal turned out to be very hated and angered Blizzard. Seen in one of the videos trailers Diablo Immortal on the flooded Youtube will disliked.

Why are you angry?

There are many possible reasons why Diablo fans are disappointed and angry with Blizzard, regarding this Immortal version of Diablo.

One of them is the Diablo series, fans of Diablo seem disappointed because the Immortal version is included in the series mobile platforms. Even though Diablo is synonymous with games RPG action popular in platforms PC, although Diablo III was also released on platforms console.

Perception of game people mobile has a P2W business model, which stands for Pay to Win. It seems that fans are afraid that Diablo Immortal will become a game that will be ruled by “sultans.” Because later the “sultan” will of course have the strongest character that will exist in Immortal.

Strongest Reasons Why Angry

diablo: immortal

From among these possibilities, it turns out that there is one thing that makes the fans furious. There were rumors about the newest Diablo series to be released by Blizzard, namely Diablo 4.

Unfortunately, Blizzard actually introduced a game that was much different, namely Diablo Immortal, which was intended mobile.

With the presence of Diablo Immortal, it shows that Blizzard wants to shift Diablo 4 to Diablo Immortal, where fans have hoped that Diablo 4 will be present on PC. It’s quite natural that the fans are angry with Blizzard.

Even though Blizzard’s actions are enough to make us fans angry. It’s just that we need to be wise about this too. It’s a good idea to give Blizzard a chance to introduce Diablo: Immortal.

If it turns out to have gameplay interesting, no loss also not to be played. If it turns out to be bad, then just leave it.

Moreover, as reported by PCGamer, Blizzard is indeed preparing Diablo 4, it’s just that it wasn’t exhibited at Blizzcon yesterday because it’s still not ready to be exhibited.

Which means, Diablo Immortal is like a separate version of the previous Diablo version.

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