Not Just Graphics, These 4 Attributes Determine How Good a Game Is

I don’t know why nowadays people always think that a good game must have good graphics quality. Even though a good game isn’t just about graphics, there are 4 other attributes that make the game good.

Maybe it’s because of the game mainstream that are outstanding and also become the best game every year, filled with AAA class games or what are commonly called triple A. These games do have good graphic quality.

So what actually makes the game so good, apart from the graphics, of course? All right, let’s immediately check below, 4 attributes in the game that also determine whether or not a game is good!

1. Gameplay

4 attributes

Gameplay actually has a broad meaning. Game model, level design is also a part of gameplay.

Gameplay is also one of the determining attributes, whether the game is good or not. Gameplay does not always have to be unique, but can complement gameplay that exist and can also provide more value to the game.

2. Stories

4 attributes

The storyline turns out to play an important role in the game. Story or the storyline can still be implemented in the game and usually develops in level design.

Usually each game has a different storyline. Examples of RPG games tend to have complex and branching stories.

As for the games action tends to have a story that is linear or one-way, although it is possible to have a twist in it.

3. Sound Effects and Music

4 attributes

Have you ever imagined you play a game Call of Duty but have comedic sound effects? It feels so weird doesn’t it? That’s why sound effects and music is very important in the game!

It is also possible that it turns out to exist sound effects and music, it gives certain memories to some gamers.

Examples such as various music when battle scenes in the game Final Fantasy so memorable, even by SquareEnix, as publishers and the game’s developers, always embed their signature music in every Final Fantasy series.

4. Engine Optimization

4 attributes

Well, it turns out that technical optimization in the game plays a very important role. Yes, of course, one example if the game has many bugs or defects in programming, will definitely have a bad value in the eyes gamersbecause it was considered that the game was not released on time or the developer had no intention of releasing the game.

Optimization engine turns out to provide important factors to make a game worth playing. Naturally, if it turns out to be found bugs or a new disability that was actually discovered by gamersthen the developer will respond by distributing it patches so that the game can run properly.

Usually patches not always in the form of improvement bugs. Patches can also contain the procurement of new features, so that the game can run more simply and flexibly.

Those are the 4 attributes in the game which are also important determining factors, whether the game is good or not. In your opinion, what makes a game good or not? Come on share!

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