Ingress Prime will be Released, Here Are 3 Differences from the Old One!

If you are a fan of the Pokemon GO game, then you should try the latest game from Niantic, namely Ingress Prime. Oh, it’s a new game, isn’t it? Isn’t Ingress a game that has been released by Niantic for a long time?

Yep, Ingress Prime is basically a game that was released by Niantic a long time ago, before Pokemon GO was released. With gameplay which is exactly the same, Niantic re-released version reboot of this Ingress.

So what’s the difference between Ingress Prime and the old Ingress? Let’s get straight to it check it out!

1. There is a Storyline

ingress prime

So if you play the old version of the Ingress game, you will play without a storyline. You only carry out various struggles for territory, according to what camp you choose.

Meanwhile, for now, you will be given a storyline that also has a deep impact gameplay. Like running a level, you will be led to certain missions to complete the story in the game.

You act as an agent whose goal is to collect various items exotic matter which are dangerous.

Still, how to play you have to walk. Because this game really makes GPS the main driving tool!

2. Events that rewarding

ingress prime

Still related to the storyline in the first point. Ingress Prime now also has the feature events. This feature will give you missions and rewards certain if following events which exists.

There has been no detailed explanation from Niantic regarding this matter. Most likely events it’s like in the games mobile online other.

You will be given a storyline that is not related to the main mission, but can provide rewards interesting if run.

3. There’s an Anime!

ingress prime

Interestingly, it turns out that Niantic really intends to do this “reboot” their main game. Ingress Prime not only released the game version, but there is also an anime that has this game theme!

This anime also tells the same thing. One named Makoto, doing exploration to collect various Exotic Matter.

Of course in collecting exotic matter the “dangerous” will face various obstacles.

later anime Ingress will air on Netflix in 2023. Meanwhile in Japan, anime This has been aired and is still airing.

Niantic seems aware of the existence of “anomalies” in this game. With this update, Niantic hopes that players will form a community in the real world, which will eventually make them play together.

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