Difficult to Drop Ragnarok Mobile Items? Maybe these 5 reasons!

One of the most difficult things when playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, is the difficulty of getting Drop Items.

Actually not only in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, from the PC version of Ragnarok Online (RO), item drop rates it is indeed a very special thing to get.

Even though it’s simpler than the old RO which was quite complicated to manufacture items certain, Ragnarok M still has drop rate its very small, so its very hard to get items certain.

Even if we try to look at the prices on marketplace which we can see in the NPC Big Cat Man, usually material items it is very expensive!

We try to hunting + grinding items, but why can’t simply yes items what we expect. So, check who knows these 5 causes!

1. Combat Time Out

ragnarok m

Combat Time or commonly referred to as stamina is one of the newest features that is present in Ragnarok M. With this feature, we are more “controlled” to do hunting And grinding.

As is combat timewe have a certain time for hunting. If combat time run out, automatically slowly everything drop rate including exp will continue to drop and we won’t get anything else even if we do hunting as long as possible.

Even so, you can still get drop provided you’re running quests certain. It’s just that you will get items which is just linked above quests the.

2. Drop Rate of Monsters Is Low

ragnarok m
Source: GamingPH

Each monster or so-called momon, own drop rate different. One example you can see is the two monsters in the area maroc, that is PecoPeco And Desert Wolf.

Both have drop items the same, ie Hard Skins. The funny thing is, you will be harder to get Hard Skins such if Hunt for Peco Peco.

It will be easier if you hunting to Desert Wolf, Because drop rate on Desert Wolf higher in comparison PecoPeco.

Therefore, always try to find monsters that have drop rate higher yes!

3. Monsters Don’t Drop Wanted Items

ragnarok m

Sometimes we are tired of looking items what you are looking for but how come you can’t get it? There is also a possibility that this is because you are hunting the wrong monsters.

You can get information about what monsters can be hunted to get items specific, on the RoGuard site, namely the site databases all information regarding Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

4. Items Wanted Are Rare

Source: GamingPH

There is a possibility, too, that items what you are looking for items which is rare. Some examples items like Dyestuff which can only be obtained most easily by hunting monsters leaves. Meanwhile, to be able to meet these monsters, it is very rare.

One of items rare as well Mercury can only be obtained from 4 monsters that drop rate the highest is only 3-4%. Yes, quite time-consuming to be able to hunt items the.

5. Hockey

ragnarok m

Yes, it cannot be denied that “hockey” has an effect in this Ragnarok M game. You can earn items with drop rate low, you definitely have high hockey.

If it turns out you rarely get items what you want, it means you’re not lucky.

So, those are 5 reasons why you can’t drop items. You’ve had a hard time getting drop items?

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