Leveling or Hunting in Ragnarok M? Which is more important?

Leveling or hunting in Ragnarok M? Which do you think is more important between the two? Actually leveling nor hunting in Ragnarok M, both are very important.

The difference is that both have different meanings. If leveling tend to focus on search experience points (EXP) so that our character level up immediately, meanwhile hunting tends to hunt monsters in search of certain materials.

Both are quite tiring activities in this game. Leveling in Ragnarok M, it might tend to be easier. Especially for raising level 1 to level 60. As long as it is undergoing various quests existing and daily quests.

Whereas for hunting various items materials tend to be tough. This is because drop rate monsters are various and tend to have chance small one.

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hunting in ragnarok m

This is the activity that I’m the laziest to do. Maybe it’s basically me who is lazy to grinding too much, finally leveling makes me tend to be lazy to do.

anywaysto do leveling it’s not that difficult if you are still in the range of level 1 to level 60. You can do all of them quests that exists until finally unconsciously you have reached level 60.

The point is, do it grinding for certain monsters for certain monsters.

Don’t forget, too, that you can get EXP from pet. How to? You can order pet you to work in the Item Shop.

Later in every 55 minutes, pet you will give a rewards of which is EXP potions sizes S, M and even L.

From there you can also get EXP without having to work hard!


hunting in ragnarok m

I prefer to do Hunting in Ragnarok M compared leveling. Hunting basically keep gaining EXP. Only if you aim items certain, then leveling it doesn’t really feel because sometimes some monsters give a small amount of EXP.

Always try to find items expensive to sell. You can check the item in question and check the price on exchange prices. You will find out what the market price is items the.

One interesting example is items material hand of god that can be obtained from monsters deviruchi. This monster can deliver drop items hand of god by 20% and also the price is quite expensive, which is around 3,000 zeny per piece.

If you can collect 100 hand of god within 2 hours, then a day you can get 600,000 zeny with assumption combat time you run out every 5 hours.

Still remember that combat time exhausted will decrease drop rate You?

Please note that the higher your level, the more difficult it will be to get drop items of low-level monsters. One of the example is iron items which can only be obtained from monsters of low level.

Do you prefer leveling or hunting?

hunting in ragnarok m

Actually you can do both. The easiest way is to try to find information about items what are you after and what monsters give you drop items the.

Find a monster whose level is closest to your character’s level. That way, you can do leveling at a time hunting easily.

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