Just Cause 4 Appears in Trailer, Here Are 4 New Features from the Previous Series!

Just Cause 4 is the latest version of the Just Cause series. The game developed by Avalanche has genres ActionOpen World.

You, as a person named Rico Rodriguez, will collect information to thwart a plan by a dictator who is believed to be designing weapons of mass destruction.

In Just Cause 4, never expect to commit stealth because in this game you will often do big explosions like “Rambo”. You will destroy one, two bases at a time.

I’ve tried Just Cause 2 myself. The feature that makes this game really unique is the weapons grapples which can make you creative with these weapons, one of which is that you can easily transport by parachuting and grapples.

Just shoot grappleswhen you are interested, just open the parachute and create a “unique” vehicle in this game.

With Just Cause 4, of course, there will also be various new features that are different from the previous series. So, what are these new features? Come on check it out!

1. Natural Disaster in Just Cause 4

just cause 4

Usually this feature is often used in a simulator game called Sim City. bencana Alam or the Indonesian language is natural disasters is one of the features that will be present in Just Cause 4.

This natural disaster might not destroy the entire city in the game, but it can be quite annoying or even “useful” for us.

Like one scene on trailerswhere Rico actually came across a tornado that made him fly freely.

These natural disasters will be of various types. Like blizzards, tornadoes to sandstorms.

2. Richer Grappling Hook Features

just cause 4

In earlier versions, feature grappling hook it tends to be simple. You can only fire and withdraw with grappling hook in order to get to the destination easily and quickly.

You can also shoot grappling hook to the enemy to become a weapon in the form of a whip or even a rope to be pulled by a car.

This time, features grappling hook richer because you can adjust the withdrawal speed after it is released from the place where it is stuck.

3. Gameplay

just cause 4

Gameplay Basically it hasn’t changed much. You are still a “destroyer” by destroying and making explosions in various places or enemy bases.

It’s just that the various features in Just Cause before like Just Cause 3 will also be present here, like hovercraftrocket bombs and so forth.

Enemies are also smarter, not only silent and waiting for their time to die, but also have various attack variants that can make you a little overwhelmed against them.

4. The Combo of the Three Features

just cause 4

In Just Cause, you can’t just defeat your enemies by shooting them in the head. You can even make combos between all of them.

One of them is that you can attach grappling hook to the enemy, then hook it to the car. Do you want to be even more excited to hook it into a plane and take the enemy flying?

Still not satisfied too? You can hook the enemy to the plane, take the plane flying and direct the plane into a tornado storm.

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So, those are the new features in Just Cause 4. This game will be released on December 4, 2023 and you can do pre order on the Square Enix website.

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