Here Are 8 Main Advantages of Premium Users in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love!

One of the different features from Ragnarok Online old school in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, there is a Premium User. Features that will make you get its own advantages compared to ordinary players.

The way to get Premium User features is by doing recharge or top up and choose Premium.

So what are the advantages of Premium? Come on check it out!

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1. Higher EXP and Drop Rate

premium users

The most important thing for Premium Users is the bonus exp and drop rate higher. Premium Users will get a bonus of 33% more exp, both for base exp and job exp. You will also get an additional 5% bonus for base exp And job exp.

The bonus will disappear if the stamina/combat time runs out. It’s just that you will still get a bonus of 5% even if your stamina runs out!

2. Honor Proof Increases 10%

premium users

For those of you who already own or join a Guild, you will also get the advantage of increasing the amount of Honor Proof we can get. Usually this Honor Proof is randomly obtained from the box drop loot Participation Chest.

3. Free Headdress

premium users

Now this is the most interesting thing, those of you who buy the Premium User package will get it Headdress items for free every month. Of course Headdress what you get cannot be chosen alias randomly.

Even so, you are still lucky right?

4. Slot Auto Skill +1

premium users

Those of you who buy Premium Users will also get extra slots for Auto Skills. This feature is useful so that later in Ragnarok M you can do it casting automatically when we attack the enemy.

5. Infinite Lightning Chain

premium users

Eits, the meaning here is not that the Lightning Chain you have is unlimited. The intent of the boundless Lightning Chain was its use.

For regular users, Lightning Chain is limited to 7 pieces a week. As for Premium Users, you can use Lightning Chain as much as you like, even until it runs out!

6. Not Just One Pet Working at a Time

premium users

You have many pet but want you to order to work? Unfortunately for casual players you can’t send pet you simultaneously to work, which means only one pet that can work at one time.

Different for Premium Users. If there are many pet owned, Premium Users can simultaneously send pet in as much quantity as possible!

7. Kafra Company Unlocked

Source: Ragnarok Wiki

So automatically pet You can work at the Kafra Company which was originally the place pet work is locked. You can send directly pet you to be able to work at Kafra Company to get various bonuses from pet.

8. Pet Gives 2x Gifts

premium users

If you usually get gifts from pet only one fruit, while Premium Users will get 2x the prize.

If you usually get a gift items 2 pieces of material, then you will get 4 pieces of material. The point is pet you will give gifts 2x fold!

So, those are the 8 main advantages if you buy a Premium User. It turns out that with Premium we get lots of advantages in playing.

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