3 Facts about the Optimal Time to Use Monster Resistance Ragnarok M!

After we talked a lot about the features of Ragnarok M, it turns out that there is another different feature in Ragnarok M. This feature is Ragnarok M’s Monster Resistance. This feature makes you get exp by 10 times!

Monster Resistance is indeed the newest feature that is present in Ragnarok M. This feature will help players increase their level quickly, so players don’t have to spend too much time and effort increasing their level.

Monster Resistance Ragnarok M can be activated by meeting the NPC in robes assassins which is usually adjacent to the mission board, Kafra Staff and Time Rift NPC.

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Within a day, you will get rations of Monster Resistance twice.

If you don’t activate Monster Resistance, then you can use these rations the next day up to a maximum of 6 rations, so if you don’t activate it for 2 days, you can still use it on the third day.

It’s just that, if you don’t activate it for 3 days, then on the fourth day you won’t get additional quota.

Monster Resistance is also not active based on time, but is rationed based on the exp we get.

With the limited rations of Monster Resistance Ragnarok M, this might make you think, when is the optimal time to use Monster Resistance? So, let’s discuss it in this article. Check it out!

1. Activate Monster Resistance When Stamina is Still Loaded

monster resistance ragnarok m

We can activate Monster Resistance at any time, including when the stamina is still filled. When the stamina is still full, then we will get normal exp.

With this Monster Resistance, the exp you get will be 10 times. For example, we hunt a monster to get 800 exp, then we will get 8,000 exp if we activate Monster Resistance.

Keep in mind, that 8,000 exp cannot be obtained twice if you use it items lightning chains. So the exp that we will get is normal exp after getting the 8,000 exp.

2. Activate Monster Resistance After Running Out of Stamina

Unlike the rumors circulating, where if stamina runs out, the exp you get when Monster Resistance runs out is normal exp. In fact, the exp received when stamina runs out and we use Monster Resistance is the exp that has been reduced then multiplied by 10.

This means that if normally we get 800 exp and after 300 minutes we get 400 exp, then we only get 4,000 exp when Monster Resistance is active when stamina runs out.

3. The Most Astounding Fact: Both Count the Same!

In my personal experience, activating Monster Resistance when Stamina is still full and Stamina runs out, the drop is the same.

Why is that? This is due to the Monster Resistance limitation based on the number exp, which means that whenever it is activated, we will only get a certain amount of exp quickly at that time. Monster Resistance is more accurately considered as an exp bonus than boosters.

It’s just that you will lose money if you don’t use Monster Resistance for 4 consecutive days.

4. What About Time?

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This is the most determining factor regarding time. If you do Monster Resistance at the beginning it is perfect for those of you who have little time to play.

Because if Monster Resistance is used at the end or when stamina runs out, you have to spend a lot of time to use up active Monster Resistance rations.

It’s just that if you have a long time to play, it won’t be a problem activating Monster Resistance late or when stamina runs out.

So, when do you prefer to activate Monster Resistance? The author prefers to activate at the start or when the stamina is still full.

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