Big Cat Credit Card? What’s the point in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love?

If you ever do top up. You will definitely find something different in the bag inventory you when playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, that is items called Big Cat Credit Card.

What is Big Cat Credit Card? Actually this is a items addition. Like credit card normally, you can buy an item by “swiping.” Of course there will be no credit card swiping animation here.

Big Cat Credit Card will increase accordingly top up you’ve ever done. For example, if you buy 1 piece of Big Cat Coin, you will get 10,000 credit card points.

If you buy Premium then you will get 500,000 credits and so on.

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bigcat credit card
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Then what is the use of this Big Cat Credit Card? It turns out that this Big Cat Credit Card has a function where you can give gifts to your friends. gifts this can only be given to friends who are only in friendlist and medium on line at that moment.

How to? Here are the steps for using the Big Cat Credit Card.

  1. Go to the Exchange NPC
  2. After that buy one items for you to make gifts. Remember! items which can only be used gifts just items with prices above 100,000 zeny.
  3. After successful purchase items that, open the trade history menu and you will find the present button there.
  4. If you click the button, it will appear pop-ups new to send directly to your friends who are currently on line.
  5. Also remember, that there is a shipping fee of 10,000 zeny and credit cards will be deducted according to the price stated.
  6. So the total costs incurred = zeny to buy items + Big Cat Credit worth items + 10,000 zeny.
  7. Then for the recipient, an NPC named Gingerbread Delivery will appear. The recipient must speak to the NPC to determine whether to accept gifts given or not.

Source: GamingPH.

“Worth it” is this Gift System?

Source: GamingPH

Next question about the system gifts this, does it have any advantage for us? Judging from the amount of money that we have to spend, this system is indeed quite costly. Especially to buy items what we want to give, keep using the zeny we have.

If you ask what the problem is worth it, then the answer is no. It’s just that with this system, the current economic flow will not be too influenced by external factors.

One example, there are frequent transactions outside the game. Like buying and selling items using real money. Usually these transactions occur using features trade which is conducted player between player (which now doesn’t exist). This system also makes various items in the game Ragnarok there is a big inflation.

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