Catching Pets in Ragnarok M Never Succeeds? Try This Way!

Pets in Ragnarok M are one of the features that actually exist from previous Ragnarok games. This pet in Ragnarok M has a catch system where you have to give it items favorite of the monster who wants to be caught.

A number of items can be purchased through the Pet Material Shop located at South Gate Prontera. The rest, you can get from drop while doing hunting in dungeons Endless Tower or buy directly at the NPC Exchange.

Don’t be surprised for Pet Materials that are not available at NPCs, they are very expensive!

When you will catch petyou have to give items certain things that are especially liked by the monster.

When you have given itemsa display will appear slot machines to show if you’ll be able to catch the monster you want to catch.

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Unfortunately, often some people fail when they are about to catch pet. Even when caught pet there is a need when catching so that the probability of catching becomes 100%.

Catch Pets

The first time, you have to run pet quests first by visiting the NPC near NPC Smokie who sells Pet Materials.

After that, just follow the instructions and you will definitely get one pet the monster that is Poring. After getting Poring, you can run quests back to get the tools pet to be able to work in shop and adventure.

After pet quests completed, then you can catch various other monsters to become pet. There are 11 monsters that can be made petnamely Poring, Lunatic, Baby Savage, Yoyo, Baby Desert Wolf, Mandragon Seed, Isis, Sohee, Deviruchi and Baphomet Jr.

For Poring, Lunatic, Yoyo and Baby Desert Wolf you can buy items to be used as bait to catch them at the Pet Material Shop. The rest, you have to get it by buying or getting it from drop Endless Towers.

100% Capture

pet in ragnarok m
Source: Bearnard

So to get a 100% chance when you’re going to catch monsters, you have to follow this method. Each pet in Ragnarok M has its own bait needs. For example Lunatic you have to issue 3 baits when it will be caught. The bait is called Rainbow Carrot.

The trick is to use Rainbow Carrot once, then a small window will appear at the bottom right and there are 2 choices there. Don’t select the Catch button, select Present again using the remaining 2 Rainbow Carrots. If so, then press Catch and you will automatically catch Lunatic 100% without worrying about failing.

The picture above is a complete table of how much Pet Material is needed to catch one monster, to be made into pet.

So that’s the way to get a 100% sure pet caught. If it works, try it share here is your catch!

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