5 Facts About Combat Time in Ragnarok M You Definitely Don’t Know!

Combat Time is a new system that is present in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. If before you could do grinding 24 hours nonstop (if strong), then you can’t do that anymore in Ragnarok M.

This is due to Combat Time, with this system it makes it your time to do it grinding be limited.

Actually, with the limitations caused by Combat Time, playing is healthier. You don’t have to worry about missing out on friends or other people who have been playing for so long because they can do it grinding inhumanely.

Moreover, this game is intended mobile platformswhich is highly discouraged for running the game for a long time.

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Luckily Gravity and Big Cat as developers And publishers have anticipated para gamers hardcore who really want to play with grinding long and fast level up.

Ragnarok M presents a items called Lightning Chain which will make exp, drop rate And loot items to be 2x.

Apart from that, there are Premium features and Monster Resistance hunting, grinding or whatever it’s called to be much faster.

So actually there are 4 hidden facts about Combat Time in Ragnarok M, which you definitely don’t know. What do you think that is? Let’s go straight check it out!

1. Combat Time Reset at 5 AM

combat time

Luckily, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, which is available in Indonesia, follows West Indonesia Time (WIB). You don’t need to adjust to different times when playing.

In general, a game will reset the feature allowance when the day changes or when it’s 12 at night. It’s just that for Ragnarok M it’s not like that.

Combat Time turns out to be reset at 5 in the morning or 05.00 WIB, so for those of you who like to stay up late to play games, you don’t need to spend the night doing grinding.

2. Lightning Chain Spends Combat Time Faster

combat time

Items Lightning Chain does make exp and drop rate you get 2x more. It’s just that you have to know the consequences.

Items which in a story has a very large weight, it turns out to make you tired quickly when using it, meaning you have to spend Combat Time 2x faster than usual.

For example, if you usually spend 300 minutes doing grinding And huntingthen you only have 150 minutes if you use Lightning Chain nonstop.

In terms of quantity, it’s actually the same if you assume that for those 300 minutes you can get 1,000 items and within 150 minutes you should get 500 itemsyou get 1,000 instead items because of the Lightning Chains.

It’s just that you have the advantage in terms of time because you no longer need to spend a long time doing it grinding.

3. Pet Adventure also spends Combat Time

combat time

Pet we can also order to do adventures Alone. We can get exp and drop also with this feature.

Unfortunately, once again, this feature is inseparable from the influence of Combat Time, which means that if you do a Pet Adventure, the time allotted will also decrease.

Running out of Combat Time doesn’t mean you can’t do Pet Adventure, it’s just that you will be subject to a penalty, where you will experience a reduction drop rate as well as the exp gained.

4. Premium Does Not Get Bonus Combat Time

combat time

Now, this was a hot issue when Ragnarok M was recently released. Premium features do provide many benefits and advantages on their own.

It’s just that for this, Premium Users don’t get any benefits such as adding Combat Time.

Same as user the regular one has 300 minutes to play, the Premium User only has 300 minutes to earn drop rate and normal exp.

It’s just that it is drop rate and the exp gained by Premium Users is greater when compared to normal times user normal.

5. Regenerate Combat Time by Listening to Songs

combat time

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has a feature to play various music. Of course the available music is default music from the Ragnarok series.

By listening to this song and AFK (Away from Keyboard), will slowly regenerate your Combat Time which has been used up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Bonus: Often Called Stamina

I don’t know what’s on the minds of Indonesian players who prefer to mention this Combat Time with Stamina.

Maybe because its function is almost the same as stamina in other games, namely adventure rations in dungeons to do leveling or grinding.

So, those are 4 facts about Combat Time that you should know. Are there other facts that you might know but no one else knows yet? Please let me know in the comments column!

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