Not Long Heard, Here Are 3 Facts about Steam Controller and Steam Link

Steam Controller and Steam Link are two products hardware original from Valve. Both are peripherals which has a similar function console. The games presented are of course the games available on Steam.

Steam Controller is joystick or controllers designed and manufactured by Valve. Controllers it is unique on the right and left controllers.

Usually these two sides are filled with buttons, the Steam Controller actually has one touchpad on that side.

While the Steam Link is a device that has a small size. Its function is to perform stream games from PC to TV, just like an HDMI cable wireless.

This tool is especially useful if you want to play Steam games using your TV. It’s just that the distance between the PC and TV is too far.

Haven’t heard for a long time, here are the facts about the Steam Controller and Steam Link. Come on check it out!

1. Steam Controller for Steam Machines

steam controllers
Source: Engadget

Valve previously wanted to make console itself called the Steam Machine. Unfortunately the presence of the Steam Machine does not make significant changes to the market console.

Steam Machine is indeed quite different from console normal. Machine “console” which was released in 2013 tends to have properties like a PC with the SteamOS operating system, which is based on Linux.

SteamOS is not even produced directly by Valve, but through third parties with different brands, such as Alienware, Gigabyte, Zotac and so on.

The Steam Machine, unfortunately, didn’t look as good as sales until 2023, when it only sold less than 500,000 units. It’s just that the Steam Controller is still in great demand, as can be seen from the number of Steam Controller users released by Valve in September 2023 yesterday.

The Steam Controller is also compatible for use on PCs so it doesn’t matter if you just buy a Steam Controller without having to have a Steam Machine.

As for SteamOS itself, you can still download and use it on your PC via the following link. It’s just that my advice is better to use another operating system that is more compatible.

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2. Steam Link Cheap Version of Steam Machine

steam controllers

After releasing Steam Machine, Valve also released Steam Link, which is a device that has a small size. Its function is to perform stream games from PC to TV, just like an HDMI cable wireless.

At first Valve thought that this Steam Link was a cheap version of the Steam Machine. Instead of being a new game engine, Steam Link only serves as hubs or link, between PC and TV separately wireless.

Steam Link is compatible with Steam Machines but can also be connected with DIY or other brands of PCs.

3. Steam Link finally discontinued its production

steam controllers

Valve finally gave up on Steam Link too. It is reported that Valve will no longer produce Steam Link and resell Steam Link.

Reporting from The Verge, Valve stopped producing Steam Link because many users did not feel the superior advantages or benefits that Steam Link could offer.

Valve even provides a big discount on Steam Link, where Steam Link is only priced at USD 2.5 or around IDR 36,000. Of course these prices do not include shipping costs.

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