Why is Entering a Guild in Ragnarok M Important? Here’s Why!

Guilds have become a feature that must be present in various games on line. This feature is also inseparable from Ragnarok M, even joining a guild member in Ragnarok M is very important.

Guild is a feature where each player can form an organization. Later in the guild, each player can carry out a mission which is usually called a Guild Mission and will get contribution points.

Then why do we have to join a Guild in Ragnarok M? So, let’s just explain the importance of joining a Guild!

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1. Adding Friends

guilds in ragnarok

Yes, the name is also a gathering of people, of course by entering the Guild, you will automatically add friends to play. At first maybe we only played in a close circle of friends, now you can add a circle of friends that is quite far away.

It is also inseparable that you will meet a soul mate you know, considering that Ragnarok M players are not only played by boys, but also girls.

Besides that, finding friends to complete Time Rift is also easier because usually Guild friends are more loyal than friends who are not in the same Guild.

2. DOJO Challenge

guilds in ragnarok

This DOJO Challenge actually has the same function as the Guild Mission which often appears in various games on line. Just run the DOJO Challenge with your Guild friends to get contribution points that can later be used for various kinds rewards.

3. Valkyries Pray

guilds in ragnarok

This is one of the important reasons why you should join a Guild. You can do Valkyrie Pray by donating contribution points and zeny, to add some of your character’s status or attributes.

The trick is to visit NPC Valkyrie at 7 o’clock, there is an NPC Valkyrie in the middle of the podium. Just talk and you can immediately choose which various attributes you will improve.

Of course you need contribution points and zeny to add these attributes, as explained above.

4. Aeisr Monument

guilds in ragnarok

This is also one of the important reasons why you should join a Guild. Besides you being able to add attribute status with Valkyrie Pray, you can also increase attribute status with Aeisr Monument or commonly known as Rune.

This Rune system is different from Valkyrie Pray, where to add status it must be sequential and branched like a net.

5. Peak Shards

guilds in ragnarok

One of items which is very important when you have reached the maximum level, especially when your Job Level is stuck.

Items Peak Shards are used to perform Transcend, which is a feature where you can increase the maximum of your Job Level, so you can increase your Job Level even higher until your Job Level reaches level 70.

So, that’s the reason why joining a Guild in Ragnarok M is very important. There are features that can make your character much stronger than you don’t join the Guild.

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